How It All Began...

Daddy’s favorite job was running the filling machine putting pecans in the gold boxes that he designed

Many times people ask how our business began. 68 years ago in 1946, the year I was born, my daddy, Howard Noe, started Deep South Pecans on the dining room table in our home. He worked full time as a postal clerk and started his pecan business by sending out pecan samples. Most of his business spread from customer to customer. We now have customers that have ordered for five generations. I can remember daddy on summer evenings addressing envelopes on his manual typewriter, which I still have. Daddy first shipped pecans in metal syrup buckets that he hand-filled on the kitchen table. Back then, all orders came by mail and my mother spent evenings typing shipping labels. As business increased, daddy, known as ‘Mr. Howard’, designed his own "gold box" that I still use today. I remember one of his favorite things was to talk on the phone to his customers personally. When the business went to computers, I taught my dad, at age 75 to use it and to finally give up his typewriter. He set an example for me to follow in being a person of honesty and integrity. He reminded me when I took over the business to remember that "your best advertisement is a satisfied customer".

Our family wishes you a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.
Deep South pecans add that special zest to your table for those festive gatherings during the holiday season. Holiday shoppers still turn to Deep South Pecans for a most delicious addition to their fall gift list for those hard-to-buy-for persons. Companies from around the world order Deep South pecans as that special gift for their valued customers and lucky employees. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We look forward to fulfilling your pecan needs this year.

Heart Association
Pecans continue to prove their healthy values. We have known of the pecan quality for having one of the highest values of antioxidants of any other nut, but this year they have claimed another great distinction. The American Heart Association has added natural pecan halves and pieces to its list of certified foods. Natural pecans can now display the Heart-Check mark signifying its heart-healthy status.

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