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Mammoth Halves
Our mammoth halves are all natural pecan halves that are hand picked for size and quality. For special occasions, Christmas, Thanksgiving... for eating plain, making the best pralines or cooking your personal specialty, these nuts are the very finest available.

No. 101 - 2¼lbs. - $38.00

No. 103 - 4½lbs. - $64.00

No. 107 - 1 lb. 6 oz. - $28.00

Roasted & Salted
Our roasted and salted pecans are our mammoth halves roasted to perfection and lightly salted. Delicious right out of the box, set these out in a crystal bowl for truly tasteful snacking.

No. 105 - 2¼lbs. - $41.00

No. 106 - 4½lbs. - $67.00

No. 109 - 1 lb. 6oz. - $29.50

Small Pieces
Our small pieces are the same fine quality Southern pecans as our mammoth halves, however they didn't make it through the shelling process in one piece. Absolutely perfect for cooking, use in pies, cakes and anything else where whole nuts are not needed.

No. 102 - 2¼lbs. - $35.00

No. 104 - 4½lbs. - $58.00